Combro and Misro 

Combro and Misro, Sundanese sweet and savory delicious snacks. 

My first contact with combro is a long time ago when I bought chicken porridge. At that time I just know the name not the taste. Why? Because I don’t know what is this and the seller don’t care to enlighten me. Moving forward, yesterday i went to the market, and taraaaaaa here they are combro on the deep frying pan, with no delay I bought it and had a taste of it. And it’s delicious 😋. 

Eventually there is 2 different kind of combro, first is combro with the spicy oncom filling. Their actual name is comro or oncom di jero (oncom inside), but with spelling and other things people call it combro. The second one is with sweet brown sugar fillings or known as misro or amis di jero (amis mean sweet in sundanese). Both combro and misro is made from cassava. 

Combro and misro usually sell on street cart, cheap and yummy snacks 😘. 


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