Kerak Telor Betawi 

This is an omelette but not just an ordinary omelette, this is Betawi special omelette, made from beras ketan, eggs and their secret ingredients. Kerak is mean crust, telor means eggs and kerak telor mean delicious snacks 😁. Kerak telor only made by request, one by one. First abang kerak telor will start the stove, and they only used charcoal for the fire, and those will give kerak telor wonderful aroma. Heat up the pan, add with water and beras ketan, cook until soft enough and then add some spices like salt, pepper, and fried ebi. Mixed well and then add the eggs and koya, mixed again. Cook that mixture until crusty. After one side fully cooked, now turn the frying pan up side down so the other side formed crust as well. No, that’s food not gonna fall out. That’s the magic! After both sides have good crust, transfer it to plate and here comes the secret ingredient fried shredded coconut, fried shallots and fried ebi. Ready to eat 

There are two different eggs to make kerak telor, chicken eggs or duck eggs. People’s believe that duck eggs is more delicious than chicken eggs. You can also request whether used one or two or even three eggs. That’s all for you to decide. 

Even though people said kerak telor is snacks but for me one is enough portion. Years ago kerak telor only serve at special occasions then its chance to every day food but now not much who’s still in business and kerak telor once again only serve on special occasions, usually at jakarta birthday or at ramadhan like now. 


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