Batagor Bandung 

What i love about food names is they are so simple, takes from technique or ingredients to cook it. Just like “Baso Tahu Goreng” or Batagor for short is literally fried tofu balls. Surely they just don’t put batagor and peanut sauce on a plate (even though sometimes I request it), they add others ingredients like boiled potatoes, cabbage or egg. Batagor is made from tofu messed together with garlic, salt and pepper and sometimes mixed with tengiri to made it more delicious. Fried immediately when there is order, cut in small pieces with boiled potatoes, cabbage and egg, poured with peanut sauce and a splash of key lime and soy sauce (optional). Come on taste it while it’s hot and crunchy.

Batagor originally from Bandung but now you can find it everywhere. Sometimes I think batagor is gift from sundanese for Indonesia.


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