Maluku Indigenous Cuisine 

Last time I introduced you to Sayur Lilin which is an appetizer. Now I’m gonna introduce you to Maluku full course meal, consists of Papeda, Ikan Kuah Kuning, Sayur Garu, Pisang Santan and Air Guraka. 

First course we have Papeda, here in eastern Indonesia rice is not the only one main carbohydrates. Root vegetables (such as ubi or potato), corn and sagoo is also main carbohydrates in their diets. Especially sagoo, they almost used it at many recipes, and one of them is Papeda. Papeda made from sago starch, cook with water, stirring it until coagulated. It has glue like texture and it’s bland. Just like rice, papeda is serve with so many different dishes but the favorite one is kuah kuning. 

Second course is Ikan Kuah Kuning. This yellow fish soup juaraaaa! Fresh and yummy make your tummy happy. 

Usually made from cakalang but easily switch with tuna or groper if cakalang not in the market. Cook together with walnuts, turmeric, lemon grass and others spices makes it rich and flavorful. The fish freshness, the nutty walnuts and the spices blend together create an amazing indigenous Maluku cuisine.  

Sayur Garu serve as a salad. Made from cassava leaves, papayas leaves and banana hearts, slices thinly and stirred fry with garlic, shallots, salt and pepper. Simple and healthy and yummy. Basically they can change the ingredients as they please or depends which available at that day. 

And for dessert, they have Pisang Santan. The name explains everything, pisang is banana and santan is for coconut milk and this sweet creamy dessert is made from banana and coconut milk. 

Last but not least is Air Guraka. Special drink from Maluku made from ginger and brown sugar. 

This whole full set usually prepared for lunch & dinner and you can find it everywhere in Maluku. 


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