Sayur Lilin, Ternate Delicate Soup 

Hola, como estas? 

(I just learn Spanish and this is as far as i can get 😁) 

I think I’ve been away for awhile (not sorry) that’s because I’ve been traveling to beautiful island in eastern Indonesia. I enjoyed their delicious cuisine very much and here’s the story so someday you can join us, enjoy maluku delicious food. 

Let me introduce you to Sayur Lilin (Lilin Soup). It’s a soup made from lilin, usually lilin refers to wax but in this cuisine, lilin refers to flowers with binomial named is Setaria Palmifolia. It is common food in this neighborhood island, easily found on a restaurant or market. At first sight you’ll gonna think it is creamy and heavy for it’s color and texture but surprisingly it is not. It’s lite and smooth with a little kick cream. This dish is easily pass appetizer test. 

Other than cook as a soup, Lilin flowers also can serve as a deep fried snack. Take the Lilin flowers, wash it clean, put it at flour, egg wash, and breadcrumbs or flour then directly to hot oil. Doesn’t take long and you’ll have amazing snacks. 

Fried Lilin Flowers

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