Koyabu – Minahasa Delight 

One sweet little treats for sweet tooth. Originally from Minahasa, Koyabu has a sweet & savory flavor and also delightful pandan aroma as it’s signature. With simple ingredients and easy to cook make koyabu one of popular cake in Sulawesi Utara, for coffee time, family party or any time you want. 


It’s easy to make, first prepared the ingredients glutinous rice flour, shredded coconut, brown sugar and pandan leaves. Mix the glutinous rice flour and shredded coconut, add some salt for balance. Put the mix in the pandan leaves, add brown sugar in the center and wrap it. Steam the little bundle of joy and in a couple minutes you’ll get Koyabu 🤗. Or you can always buy it at traditional market or at the food stall on Manado-Bitung road. 

Sweet brown sugar, creamy shredded coconut and sweet aromatic pandan leaves, all blends together in this delicious Koyabu. 

Enjoy it 


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