Pecel – A classic Indonesian sauce 

Pecel is an classic Indonesian sauce made from peanut and enriched with a lot os spices such as chili, garlic, lime leaves, tamarins, salt, pepper, brown sugar and oil. It’s taste nutty, sweet and rich. Serve with a lot of vegetables, spinach, cabbage, been sprouts, carrots, cucumbers, or any other vegetable you like or available on the market.  

Some people eat it with veggies only, just like salad, some other eat it with lontong & veggies and many of us eat it with rice, veggies and peyek. That’s my favorite breakfast. A a a a don’t blame me darling, I am Indonesian, we eat full course all the time. Even thought it can couse me an hours run, but I promise you, this is worth it. Nice & warm rice serve with vegetables on top, poured with pecel sauce and peyek on the side, oh my it’s heaven, a healthy heaven. 

Nasi Pecel

You can find pecel in almost every where in Java, and each is different from the other. In Kediri you’ll taste a little bit more spicy, in Madiun it’s taste fresh with key lime aroma, in Semarang it’s sweet. Which one is the best, you decide! 

Peyek is tradisional homemade crackers. Made from rice flour, turmeric, coriander, peanut, coconut milk, candlenut, salt and pepper. You don’t like peanut, that’s okay, you can use soybeans, anchovy, or shrimp. 


Pecel madiun, pecel blitar, dan pecel-pecel lainnya. Semua orang suka, semua tempat ada. Makanan satu ini cocok banget disajikan buat sarapan, dengan nasi hangat, macam-macam sayur, dan disiram dengam bumbu pecel, plus peyek sebagai pendampingnya. Oh wow rasanya meledak dimulut. Kesegaran sayuran, wangi khas pecel dan kriuk peyek kacang. 


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