It comes in two different flavor, sweet and savory. The sweet one, usually we call it martabak manis or terang bulan is such sweet guilty pleasure. They are soft and fluffy and sweet and full of goodness inside. Just Like a big pancake with filling. The original used sugar, peanut and chocolate but the modern version or they call it “kekinian” sky is the limit. There are so many options, chocolate bar, green tea, protein bars, candy, marshmallows, jelly, fruits and so on. 

Martabak Manis

The other one is martabak daging. First they’ll make the dough then do their magic to make it as thin as skin, put it in hot frying pan and pour the filling (after the crust is built). For filling they used egg, scallions, beefs kari, salt and pepper. Serve hot with pickles and chili yummy 😋. This delicacy have been around for a long time and still gonna be around in the future. 

Martabak Daging


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