Es Puter

indonesia street food - es puter cong lik

If Italian have gelato, we Indonesian have es puter. Es puter is kind of traditional ice cream, made from coconut milk. How they freeze the coconut milk is where the name came from. They put coconut milk in a can, close it, buried in the ice cube, and roll it, roll roll roll till the coconut milk is frozen and become ice (FYI, puter (Javanese) mean roll). How es puter served? Well, it’s the interesting part, you can add everything you want. Fruits, crouton, milk, honey, jam, and the list is still continue. Another best part is, it’s very easy to find es puter, from big city like Jakarta to village, from traditional market to shopping center. With the generous sun here in Indonesia, shining in every single day for a whole year, es puter is like oasis in the desert. It’s so refreshing…



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